• 10/9/2020, Our work on “Metabolic syndrome, metabolic comorbidities, and early-onset colorectal cancer” was published in the Gut. Congratulations, Hanyu, Xiaobin, and Xiaoyu! Special thanks to Dr. Margaret Olsen’s team!
  • 9/24/2020, Dr. Cao was invited to give a talk at the NCI Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer (EO-CRC) Think Tank https://events.cancer.gov/crs/eocrc. The title of Dr. Cao’s talk was “Re-evaluation of putative risk factors and precursors of early-onset colorectal cancer”.
  • 6/23/2020, Dr. Cao was invited to speak in the Educational Session (“Why are cancer rates increasing among young adults?”) of AACR Virtual Annual Meeting II, 2020. In her talk entitled “Address the rising burden of early-onset colorectal cancer“, Dr. Cao reviewed the potential influence of environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors on the increasing prevalence of colorectal cancer in young adults. See session summary by the AACR. https://www.aacr.org/blog/2020/06/26/aacr-virtual-annual-meeting-ii-why-are-cancer-rates-increasing-among-young-adults/


  • 5/20/2019, Our findings that sedentary behavior is associated with increased risk of early-onset colorectal cancer was highlighted by AGA President Dr. David Lieberman in his talk at the DDW 2019.
  • 5/20/2019, Dr. Cao presented on behalf of Xiaobin Zheng on “Comprehensive assessment of diet quality and risk of adenoma” at the Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2019.
  • 5/2/2019, Dr. Cao was invited to give a talk on “Obesity, sedentary behaviors, and early-onset colorectal cancer” at the 5th Annual Early Age Colorectal Cancer Summit (https://www.coloncancerfoundation.org/about/eao-crc/), New York, NY.
  • 4/23/2019, Our work on “Trends in sedentary behavior among the US population” was published in the JAMA today! Congratulations, Chao Cao! Thanks to our collaborators!
  • 4/23/2019, Dr. Cao was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Medicine (secondary), Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, Washington University.
  • 4/11/2019, Dr. Cao was invited to give a talk on “Aspirin: the magic bullet for cardiovascular disease and cancer?” at the 25th Annual Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium, St. Paul, MN.
  • 3/14/2019, Dr. Cao presented on “Molecular characteristics of early- vs late-onset colorectal cancer” at the 2019 GECCO Investigator Meeting (The Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium https://www.fredhutch.org/en/labs/phs/projects/cancer-prevention/projects/gecco.html), Seattle, WA.
  • 3/8/2019, Dr. Cao was invited to give a talk on “Addressing the rising incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer: an integrated approach” in the GI Research Conference, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, Washington University.
  • 3/4/2019, Dr. Cao presented on “Life course antibiotic use and alterations in the gut microbiome” in the Microbiome Epidemiology Working Group (https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/biostatistics/mewg/), Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University.
  • 2/20/2019, Dr. Cao was invited to serve on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) and JNCI Cancer Spectrum.
  • 1/1/2019, Dr. Cao received Siteman Investment Program (SIP) Award (2019) for her proposal on “Oral microbiome, virome and Barrett’s esophagus”.


  • 12/14/2018, Dr. Cao was invited to speak on “Studying human microbiome and health in prospective studies” in the seminar series offered by the Center for Clinical genomics for Microbial System (https://sites.wustl.edu/ccgems/), McDonnell Genome Institute, Washington University.
  • 7/1/2018, Dr. Cao received the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Young Investigator Award (2018-2020) for her proposal on “Disparities in young-onset colorectal cancer survival according to patients, treatment, and tumor molecular characteristics”.
  • 7/1/2018, Dr. Cao received career development award (K07) from the National Cancer Institute (2018-2022) on her proposal on “Optimizing the impact of aspirin in chemoprevention”.


  • 09/25/2017, Dr. Cao was selected as one of the finalists for the Emerging Investigator Award from the International Aspirin Foundation.
  • 07/01/2017, Dr. Cao formally joined the Division of Public Health Sciences as an Assistant Professor of Surgery!